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Make Connections, Not Silos

ARTIK Cloud is an open data exchange platform for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Open & Interoperable

Easily enable devices to communicate with other devices, apps, and cloud services.

Rapidly onboard devices

Easily describe your device states and actions, and rapidly onboard then with a Manifest.

Collect any data: discrete, continuous, real time or historic.

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Connect to many popular devices

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Integrate third-party clouds

We created Cloud Connectors to allow you to integrate an existing cloud with ARTIK Cloud in just a few steps.

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Making all your devices work together

Collect, store, and aggregate raw and normalized data from any device. Send actions to more devices by acting on data from many diverse devices in real time.

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Built-in Security

Secure every device, app, and user interaction and protect data privacy.

Securely connect devices to the cloud using TLS, secure element, and certificates issued by a trusted certificate authority.

Secure every device, app, and user interaction with open internet standards based authentication and authorization.

Keep your products and your customers' data safe with built-in privacy management.

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Manage Device Fleet

Virtually represent physical devices in the cloud, and monitor their connectivity.

Quickly search and manage devices by defining and storing custom meta-data in the cloud, or using pre-defined meta-data supported by the LWM2M protocol.

Remotely execute functions on devices (e.g. reboot, factory reset, firmware update, etc)

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Visualize Device Data

Visualize and analyze data from many devices in context.

Generate insights faster with near-real time access to normalized message aggregates.

Use all data - from first and 3rd party devices - to build mobile apps and machine learning solutions.

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Start Building Today

Build apps faster with ARTIK Cloud's easy to use APIs and wide-range of SDKs.

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