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Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

Hands-free speaker that fills any room with immersive 360⁰ audio

Personal Assistant
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If you have an Amazon Echo or use Alexa for voice recognition you will love our integration.

How to connect it to ARTIK cloud services

Install the ARTIK Cloud Skill and control any device connected to ARTIK cloud services. Go to the Alexa website and say to Alexa "Connect ARTIK Cloud". Wait for Alexa to say “Welcome to Samsung ARTIK Cloud, I am currently retrieving your devices” and shortly after a list of the devices that were recognized.

You can now instruct Alexa to interact with those devices. A new device named Amazon Alexa proxy will also be automatically created in your profile at Now ask Alexa to do something, say "Alexa Ask ARTIK to…" and complete the sentence with a command.

Please note - the ARTIK Cloud Skill can only be added on the Alexa website.

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