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Hunter Douglas Platinum

Hunter Douglas Platinum

Intelligent shades that simplify your life

Home Automation
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The Hunter Douglas line of window treatments can be fully controlled and automated using the proprietary Hunter Douglas app. By being connected to ARTIK cloud services, Hunter Douglas products gain an even richer degree of control via Rules and connectivity with other data from the smart home.

This node.js program (running, for instance, on a Raspberry Pi) acts as an interface between a Hunter Douglas Platinum Hub connected via Telnet and ARTIK cloud services.

How to connect it to ARTIK cloud services

If you already own Hunter Douglas Shades, click the button below to add it your account.

Connect my OpenShades

Or follow these instructions

Visit the Devices section of, click on + Add Another Device and select OpenShades, give it a name such as My OpenShades and click Connect device.

Proxy setup

  • Install node.js. Or install with your favorite package manager (apt, yum, port, brew, etc.)
  • cd to the folder where the program was unzipped
  • To install required dependency run: npm install
  • Edit the config.json file with your personal information:
  • Enter the Device_ID and Device_Token found in for your OpenShades device
  • Change Platinum_IP_Address to your Hunter Douglas Platinum Hub IP address
  • Run node hdplatinum.js config.json

With the node.js app running, send a setCommand Action to the OpenShades device you added to your ARTIK cloud services account. You can do this using either the ARTIK cloud services API or ARTIK cloud services Rules.

$inmXX-; XX=two digit scene number 00-99

Example Command Values: $inm00-; for scene 00 $inm01-; for scene 01 $inm02-; for scene 02 … $inm99-; for scene 99

Download proxy

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