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Help you better understand the signals your body sends out to you

Personal Monitoring
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Connected devices for your health, including blood pressure monitors, scales, glucometers and other fitness devices.

Integrate data such as blood pressure readings, HR, steps, sleep and more with the ARTIK cloud services ecosystem.

Read more about our cooperation with iHealth on our blog.

How to connect it to ARTIK cloud services

If you already own an iHealth device, click the button below to add it your account.

Connect my iHealth device

Or follow these instructions

Visit the Devices section of, click on + Add Another Device and select iHealth, give it a name such as My iHealth device and click Connect device.

Now click the AUTHORIZE button next to the device you just created and this will take you to the iHealth Web site, authenticate and accept to give access to your data. All new data from this moment on will be synchronized with ARTIK cloud services.

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