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Proxy Hub

Proxy Hub

Discovers your local physical devices

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The Proxy Hub is an application that discovers and maps local devices to virtual devices on ARTIK cloud services via proxy plugins. The hub can host multiple proxy plugins.

The following devices are available on Proxy Hub:

Belkin WeMo Discovers, reads, and sends actions to your Wemo Switch and Wemo Insight devices on your network.

Media Player Virtual terminal based application which sends command to your audio/video media player.

Nest Discovers your Nest thermostat device on your network.

Philips Hue Discovers, reads, and sends actions to your Phillips Hue lights on your network.

Shell Proxy Virtual, terminal based application which proxies commands to other applications and devices.

Text to Speech (TTS) Player Virtual, terminal based application to convert Text to Speech routed to your TTS player.

Z-Way Discovers, reads, and sends actions to your Zwave devices on your network.

The Proxy Hub accesses devices on your local network, enabling you to connect devices that do not expose their APIs or SDKs. The Proxy Hub is also ideal for situations in which devices would benefit from real-time device status updates and an increased rate limit. Read our documentation article to learn how to develop your own proxy plugins.

Proxy Hub setup

  • Install node.js (version >=4.5.0)
  • Download Proxy Hub
  • cd to the folder were this program was unzipped
  • Download and add a supported plugin to the /proxies folder (if it is not already there)
  • To install the required dependencies run npm install
  • Start the server by running npm start
  • On the terminal, you will see: GO TO THIS WEBPAGE TO ACCESS THE UI: <url>
  • Enter the url in a browser
  • In the browser, log in and follow the instructions to set up the Proxy Hub
  • Once setup is complete, Click Add Another Device, and select the device (proxy plugin) to add it to the Proxy Hub
  • Follow the instructions associated with that proxy plugin to complete the setup

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