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Take control of your watering

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Rachio smart sprinkler system automates your watering schedule and gives you control of your sprinklers through your smart phone. You can now control your sprinklers by using data from any other device or app on ARTIK cloud services.

How to connect it to ARTIK cloud services

Once you have set up your Rachio hub and created an account with Rachio’s web-app, click the button below to add it your account.

Connect my Rachio Sprinkler

Or follow these instructions

Visit the Devices section of, click on + Add Another Device and select Rachio Smart Sprinkler Generation 2, give it a name such as My Rachio Sprinkler and click Connect device.

Now click the AUTHORIZE button next to the device you just created. This will take you to a log-in form, where you need to authenticate using the same credentials that you use for Rachio’s web-app. Once authenticated, your sprinkler will now be connected and ready to receive rules and actions from ARTIK cloud services.

Now you can change the status of your sprinkler to online or stand by mode. You can turn watering on for specific zones and durations. Do it with an Action or write a Rule and do it based on specific events.

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