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> Samsung Gear S2

Samsung Gear S2

Samsung Gear S2

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Personal Monitoring
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The Samsung Gear is a powerful and robust smartwatch with added functionality from a number of partners. You can use the Samsung ARTIK Cloud application to remotely control your devices on ARTIK cloud services with your Gear S2 or S3 watch. The application also creates a new Samsung Gear device on ARTIK cloud services that reports sensor data such as steps, activity, and heart rate!

How to connect it to ARTIK cloud services

Confirm that your Android phone is running the latest version of the Samsung Gear app and the latest firmware.

In the Samsung Gear app, search for and install the Samsung ARTIK Cloud app. When you open the app, it will display a code.

In a desktop/mobile browser, navigate to, login with your ARTIK Cloud Account, and enter the code. You should now be successfully authenticated on ARTIK cloud services. Select the Samsung Gear device on ARTIK cloud services that will report your sensor data. If there is no Samsung Gear device on your account, it will be created automatically.

In the Samsung ARTIK Cloud app, a list of your devices on ARTIK cloud services (e.g., Philips Hue light) will be displayed. Now you can use your Samsung Gear smartwatch to control these devices!

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