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Todoist manages tasks and projects anywhere. Create task from ARTIK cloud services, trigger action on ARTIK cloud services device when tasks is updated or reminder is fired.

How to connect it to ARTIK cloud services

Click the button below to add Todoist your account.

Connect Todoist

Or follow these instructions

Visit the Devices section of, click on + Add Another Device and select Todoist, give it a name such as Tasks on Todoist and click Connect device.

Now click the AUTHORIZE button next to the device you just created. After authenticating on the Todoist website, the ARTIK cloud services device will now received one message per existing and future tasks.

Now you can create Todoist tasks from ARTIK cloud services via actions. You can react with rules to task updates comming from Todoist applications.

When a reminder is fired from Todoist (available to premium user), only the task id is part of the message, not the content.

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